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      Staalmeester® Brushes

      Have you heard about our incredible Brush Collection from the Netherlands?

      Introducing Staalmeester®. Your new favourite ‘Forever’ brush!

      You asked and we listened. You asked us for a PREMIUM QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL LEVEL brush that would, if looked after, last a lifetime.

      The Staalmeester is the Rolls Royce of Brushes. A unique synthetic / natural bristle blend that has a short natural china bristle, blended with a longer silky synthetic bristle. The natural bristle ensures better paint absorption and the synthetic bristle component allows for a smooth, even application having minimal to no brush strokes.

      Staalmeester® Rollers and Frames

      Staalmeester® quality management system ensures the same standard as for their brushes. The rollers are therefore suited for all lacquers and varnishes, and give a smooth & equal finish.

      Chip Brushes and Rollers

      Choosing the right brush for your job depends on the overall look you’re going for, and the investment you’re willing to make.

      The more premium the brush, typically the finer the outcome and result.

      With Milk Paint, you can use any brush you can invest in, even the less expensive Chip brushes will get the job done!

      Choose your level of financial investment, and paint it beautiful!

      Zibra Brushes

      No other brush company designs its brushes with the application in mind. Zibra’s customer painting projects create the crew’s greatest design challenges. The brush heads reflect the applications – allowing the user to mold the brush around each painting project – making painting easier and fun with every stroke.

      Our proprietary, high performance engineered poly-monfilament blend is designed to created a balance of tip softness with high stiffness retention resulting in ultra smooth paint release and long-lasting durability even in hot and humid climates. Our bristles are smaller in size allowing for 25% more pack-out than the industry standard brush. All of these features contribute to provide incredible paint pick up, controlled release, unmatched smoothness and effortless clean-up.