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      Make brush strokes ancient history

      Clean your piece and remove any dust, wax or flaking paint. Give your piece a light sand to smooth and even out your surface prior to painting.

      If you have a shiny, glossy finish, use the Bonding Agent to ensure even adhesion.

      If the surface is flat and porous, new bare wood or a dull, old finish, simply apply the paint straight onto it. Apply as many coats as desired and when satisfied with your coverage, apply your desired top coat. Prior to applying your top coat, use a 400 grit to lightly sand your finish for a super smooth as silk feel!

      Quirky, unexpected and surprisingly simple

      This stylish effect is simple – and fun – to recreate. Just mix your Milk Paint slightly thicker and use a hairdryer to quickly dry it. Cracks will appear during the drying process. The higher the heat setting, the larger the cracks!

      TIP: Paint a base coat of Fusion Mineral Paint first in the colour you want to see showing through the cracks.

      Tip: To really show off the details, add a tinted wax to highlight the cracks and the details. Liming wax will lighten and brighten, whereas an ageing or espresso wax will richen and darken it up! Either way, you’ll accentuate those beautiful cracks!

      Refined and classic but boldly modern

      Milk Paint is perfect for achieving authentic, natural- looking distressing. Layer colour over colour of Milk Paint, or simply apply over a water-based stain finish, or a coat of Chocolate Fusion Mineral PaintTM which will look like a dark wood stain when sanding through.

      220 sanding grit is recommended. When pressed along the edges and any detailing, you will reveal the details!

      Try using our Beeswax Distressing Block between the layers of paint. This will ensure it’s easy to distress to reveal each colour.

      TIP: Add our hemp oil when distressing so you can see the true pops of colour coming through from below as you are sanding, and to eliminate any dust while sanding! Wipe away the excess residue with a cloth that has hemp oil on it after sanding to reveal the beauty!

      Farmhouse meets penthouse

      Trust us: You CAN control the chippy! On a surface that has a sheen to it, the chipping will simply occur naturally. On a low sheen surface, you can force the chippy by first applying a resist like our Beeswax Finish or Furniture Wax onto the surface, then the Milk Paint you apply over it will chip off.

      You will need to apply more wax to a bare wood or porous surface, than a previously finished/shiny surface. Test this first to see how much wax you need; too much and all the paint will flake off! Not to worry, you can always try again!

      Apply the wax strategically in areas that you are looking to see the chipping or flaking paint effect appear.

      TIP: Want an aged look? Add one of our tinted Furniture Waxes or our Stain & Finishing Oil for an aged effect.

      TIP: Do not add any Bonding Agent if you want the Chippy Chic look.